How can I add participants (students, TAs, or instructors) from my CourseWorks site?

To add students, TAs, or instructors go to the class site first.

1. Select "Site Settings" from your Navigation Panel on the left:


2. When you access the "Site Settings" Tool, look for the "Add Participants" button that is located in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the screen:

3. Once you have clicked the "Add Participants" button, a new screen will appear. At the top of the screen, there will be a box where you can add your participants.  Please ensure that you put the individual UNIs on new lines in the box.  You will then need to choose a role (student, Teaching Assistant, instructor etc)

4. Once you have completed the form, click the "Continue" button.  You will be prompted to confirm the information, and then you click the "Finish" button.

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