How can I migrate one course content to another in CourseWorks?

The concept of “migration” is turned on its head in CourseWorks. Rather than pushing the content of one site into another, the content is “pulled” into the new site via the “Import from Site” panel, which can be accessed under Site Settings.

  • Go to this year's course site
  • Turn on the desired site tools: Site Settings > Edit Tools
  • Start import: Site Settings > Import from Site > I would like to replace my data (If you've already published content to your new site that you don't want to overwrite, use the I would like to merge my data option)
  • Select last year's course from the list, click Continue
  • Select the tools you want to import, click Finish

Once the migration is complete, be sure to verify the content in the target site points to files and resources within the new site.

Note: it is not recommended that you migrate wiki content from one CourseWorks site to another. Individual pages (e.g. with links to as-yet-made-pages) can be copies/pasted manually. 

For a more detailed walkthrough of the "Import from Site" tool with screenshots, see this QuickStart Guide for Courseworks Migration.

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