Can I invite guests to my EdBlog if they do not have a Columbia University ID (UNI)

Only registered EdBlog users may log into EdBlogs to be members of course sites, to publish posts, to comment on private sites, and to view private sites.

All registered users in the EdBlogs system must have a UNI.

Public EdBlogs sites allow non-registered guest to view content. It is also possible to set a public site to allow a non-registered guest to comment on a post or page.

If you would like to allow visitors without a UNI to read your site, you may do so by changing the default site visibility settings for your blog to a public level. You may do this by logging into your blog and changing the settings found under settings ---> reading.

Learn more about your site privacy and visibility.

If you would like to allow visitors without a UNI to comment on your site, you may do so by changing the discussion settings on your blog to allow for comments by users not registered with your blog.

You may also choose to require that every comment is approved by an administrator of the blog. If you allow comments to be posted without approval by users not registered with your blog, please be aware you may get SPAM or comments from strangers on topics irrelevant to your course.

Learn more about managing blog discussion settings, comment management and SPAM prevention.


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