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Teaching with Wikis

Wikis are easy-to-use, collaborative platforms  that allows users to create, modify, and link Web pages without knowledge of complex Web authoring technologies.  Columbia’s Center for Teaching and Learning supports for faculty to utilize in their teaching and can facilitate collaborative writing, close reading, annotations, group projects & more.  Wikis allow multiple users to easily organize information and media and make that content available to others.  Content can be added, edited or deleted at anytime, with all revisions documented.

Some common uses of Wikis at Columbia include:
  • Collaborative writing
  • Reflection and Journaling  
  • Sharing multimedia (video & images) 
In comparison to other tools that you may be interested in using:
  • Wikis are very good for collaboration and allowing multiple users to add, edit and delete content at any time.
  • Blogs are generally authored individual and chronologically displayed; readers can add comments but can not edit text (not collaborative)
  • Discussion boards are useful for asynchronous communications where everyone can contribute and participate, however these are back and forth discussions, not collaborative authoring.
  • CourseWorks is useful for organizing content, but information is one generally directional (instructor to student)
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