How do I Create and Modify Calendar Events?

The Calendar allows you to schedule sessions and assignments in an easy-to-navigate calendar layout. The calendar has day, week, month, year, and list views, and can be subscribed to in most desktop calendar clients (E.G. Outlook, iCal).

Add items to the Schedule

To create a new item, from within the Schedule tool:
  1. While viewing your calendar, click Add
  2. Enter the information for title, date, and start time. You can specify a duration or end time
  3. Under "Message", use the text editor to create and format the body of your calendar item
  4. If you’d like to attach a file to your calendar item, it is recommended that you link to the file in “Files & Resources”. To do this, type a description of the file you will attach, and highlight the text

(Figure 1: Highlight Text and Insert Link)

  1. Once you click on the Insert link feature, the Link dialog box will open.  Click on Browse Server.
  1. Once you click Browse Server, you’ll see your site’s Files and Resources.  Simply select the file you’d like to attach.  Once you’ve selected the item from your Files and Resources, click OK, and your file will be hyperlinked
  2. If your site uses the Groups features: to display the event to all members of the site, check Display to site. To display the event only to members of a certain group, check Display to selected groups, and then use the checkboxes to choose which groups or sections can view the calendar item
  3. If your event will take place more than once, you can also schedule recurring instances by clicking Frequency. Once you’ve set the frequency, click Save Frequency
  4. Optionally: you can indicate “Event Type” from the list of choices in the dropdown menu, and you can enter a location for your event
  5. To save your event and post it to the calendar, click Save Event

See this video for a walkthrough of Calendar Tool Basics.

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