How do I send an email to my students in CourseWorks (Canvas)?

There are two ways to send an email to your class - Using the 'New Mailtool' in the course navigation bar OR using the 'Inbox' tool available in the global navigation bar. There are special considerations for each method, so make sure you read "Things to Note" carefully before making or implementing a choice.

Using the New Mailtool in the course navigation bar: 

The NEW MAILTOOL is a Columbia created tool for Canvas-Courseworks that preserves all of the popular features that were available in the older Sakai-based Courseworks Mailtool. Individuals with the roles of Teacher or TA will have access to use this tool. Teachers may enable student access to the Mailtool on a course by course basis. Teachers may also enable/disable TA access.

Learn more about the new mailtool here.

Using the 'Inbox' tool in the global navigation bar:

Here's a step by step guide on how you can use the Inbox tool to send an email to class:

Things to note:

If you plan to use the Inbox tool, please keep in mind that the students by default receive a notification of your email in the UNI associated email.
However, if they have changed their notification preferences, they may not be notified; instead, they will see your email in their Inbox when they log into CourseWorks (Canvas).

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