Adding Google Drive to the Course Navigation Bar in CourseWorks (Canvas)

  • Go to Settings in the course navigation bar. Then choose the Apps tab.

  • Click on View App configurations and then click the “+App” button

  • In the new popup window, choose “By URL” in the configuration type drop down bar

  • Refresh the page to notice changes in the course navigation bar. You should see the Google Drive app in the course navigation bar now.  

  • The Google LTI adds a link to the user’s Google Drive in the Course Navigation Menu. Users can authorize the Google Apps LTI to view their Google Drive account. If authorization to Google Drive is not successful the first time, authorize the application again.  
  • After logging in to Google Drive, users can view everything in their My Drive folder. They can also open files in a new browser window and edit files directly.
  • Notes:
  • Items that are in the Shared with Me folder need to be added to the user's My Drive before those items can be viewed in Canvas.    
  • To view the most recent content added to Google Drive, users have to refresh their Google Drive page in Canvas.    

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