Some recommendations regarding students' assignment submissions in CourseWorks.

In CourseWorks, there’s an excellent “Assignments” tool, which allows the instructor to efficiently deliver, collect, assess, and return student work. It’s a straight-forward workflow, but CourseWorks does provide other options to meet various needs.

Drop Box: built into CourseWorks is a “Drop Box” tool, which provides a folder for each student in the roster. Each folder can only be accessed by the instructor and the student whose name the folder bears. Like the Assignments tool, the Drop Box provides a private space in which the instructor and student can work. Unlike the Assignments tool, the Drop Box offers a global overview of each student’s work throughout the arc of the semester… a portfolio of a student’s work, if you will.

Files & Resources: the instructor may create a folder in the Files & Resources section into which students can post files. (Be sure to read through this article for instructions about how to set permissions on a folder). This is a very effective technique if you wish to “workshop” or share student submissions with the class.

Discussion Board/Wiki/Blog: there are a number of other options in CourseWorks that can offer an equally “public” way of managing student submissions. The instructor can set up a Discussion Board thread for each week’s assignment and students can reply with an attachment and a short preface to give the submission some context. Or students use the Blog tool to write weekly entries with a link to a downloadable version of their work. The latter is a more student-centric solution, whereas the former focuses on collecting all student work on a specific assignment in one place.

However you decide to collect student work, be sure to provide clear instructions within the assignment so students know where to put it.

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