What do I need to get started with using TurningPoint ARS?

1) Download the TurningPoint software onto your computer. 

Please note that there are some differences between the Windows and Mac versions of TurningPoint. Please create your slides in operation system you plan to use for your class.

Windows: Click HERE to download the install file
  • Click on Save File
  • Find the File which you saved and double click the “setup.exe” icon and follow the installation instructions. 
  • The window for InstallShield Wizard will appear. On the welcome page click “Next”. 
  • On the License Agreement page accept the terms and then click “Next”.
  • The next page is Customer Information. This will have preset values for the User Name and Organization—leave these as they are. Under Install this application for: make sure “Anyone . . . (all users)” is selected. 
  • On the Ready to Install the Program page, click “Install”. (This will take a minute or two.) 
  • The Install Wizard Completed page will come up. Click “Finish”. 
  • TurningPoint is now installed and ready to use on your computer. 

Mac: Click HERE to download the install file
  • Click on Save File
  • After you have saved the file, double click on the file that you saved
  • A window will open up asking you to drag the TurningPoint program into our Applications folder
  • Drag it over and TurningPoint will be installed onto your computer

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