How do students setup ResponseWare before class to answer TurningPoint ARS questions?

Students will need to make sure their mobile devices are setup be able to use ResponseWare during class. Please ask your students to review the directions below. You can also download this 1-pager to send to students: Using ResponseWare as a Student

Directions for Students: 

ResponseWare turns your mobile device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc…) into a response device to answer TurningPoint polling questions in class. Please be sure to setup your mobile device before class.

How do I setup my phone, laptop or other mobile device?
You need to make sure that you have a stable connection to the internet either through your cell phone’s 3G network or through the campus wireless. 3G is unreliable in many CUMC classrooms so It is recommended that you connect to the university Athens network.
To answer questions during class, you have two options:
Option 1: Use a browser on phone, laptop or other mobile device
  • Open up a browser and go to
  • Type in the Session ID
  • Click on Join Session
  • You can press Continue, without entering your name or information
  • When your instructor opens up a polling question, you will be able to answer on your device
Option 2: Download the ResponseWare app onto your phone or other mobile device

  • Open the app during the class session
  • Enter in the class Session ID
  • Click on Join
  • When your instructor opens up a polling question, you will be able to answer on your device
How do I make sure my device is connected to the CUMC Athens wireless network? 

1) Go to
2) On the left hand menu, there is a dropdown that says “Using Athens”
3) Select the appropriate operating system or device and follow the directions to make sure you are connected to Athens

Are my answers anonymous?
If you are answering as a Guest, yes, your answers are anonymous. Your instructor will give you directions as to how to create an account if they want to track your responses.
What if I don’t have a laptop or mobile device?
Please speak with your instructor to work out a plan on how you can participate in class. 

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