How do I use the Announcements Tool in CourseWorks?

The Announcements tool in CourseWorks is a convenient way of getting the attention of your students during the semester. Once you establish that students should visit the course site as often as you require, then the Announcement tool can be used to alert students to events or changes to your course. Announcements are a useful way to post meeting times and locations and any other weekly update helpful for your students. The announcement is also saved on the your course homepage, a copy is saved within the tool, and can be emailed to students for easy access.

Follow steps below to activate and use Announcements Tool in CourseWorks:

1. To activate the Announcements tool in your course site of CourseWorks so that it appears in the left, vertical navigation bar, click Site Settings→ click Edit Tools→ scroll and locate Announcements tool from the list→ click Continue and Finish to complete activation.

2. Click→ Announcements tool menu on the left-hand side to open this tool. CourseWorks. To create an announcement, click→ Add action tab beneath the title bar.

3. Enter an announcement title and body of your announcement in the appropriate text boxes.

4. Select your options of Access, Availability, Attachments, and Email Notifications.

4. View your announcements- Your announcements will appear in the Recent Announcements box of your course Home page. You will see your announcements each time you and your students will see the announcement each time you enter your course site.

5. Edit an Announcement- To edit an announcement, click→  Edit link under the announcements title in your announcement list. You will be able to change the same settings that were available when creating the announcement.

Here is a link to using additional, optional Announcements tool features such as merging and creating RSS feeds from Rutgers University

Note: By default, only 10 announcements are shown at a time. You can change this number or move to the next page by using the announcement controls located above the announcement list in the upper-right hand corner.

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