Where can I find documentation about CourseWorks?

Documentation for CourseWorks is spread out in many different places.  There are "Help" documents in CourseWorks itself and tons of docs here and on CUIT's pages.  

One of the best ways to gain instant access to the document that will most likely answer your question is to use Google: "courseworks + problem".

This page provides a number of links to specific documents that faculty have found useful over the years. We’ll be adding new documentation to this article on an ongoing basis:

CTL is collecting FAQ-type items within its site

CTL is also publishing a number of short screencasts to help faculty use CourseWorks (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFFFBC71826921C56)

Extensive documentation is available in the “Help” tab when you log in at https://courseworks.columbia.edu/welcome/

Additionally, numerous institutions and organizations have written extensive documentation:

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