How do I lock or protect a Wikispaces page from edits?

Locking a Single Page prevents any other member of the Wikispace from making further edits to the wiki page. This might be especially useful if you have a page like a “syllabus” that you don’t want students to edit.

To lock a specific page, namely the one that you are working on, simply click on the ‘page’ tab at the top of the page to reveal a drop-down menu. Click ‘Lock’ at the bottom of the menu. You will still be able to make edits to your page while students will not be able to do so.

To unlock the page in the future, simply repeat the procedure above. You will select ‘Unlock’ from the drop-down menu to allow students to edit the page.

Locking Multiple Pages

To easily lock multiple pages, navigate to ‘Manage Wiki’ on the sidebar (2.1).

Under the content heading, click on ‘Pages’ (2.2).

You will see a listing of the first 20 pages. Next, put a checkmark by the page names you want to lock and then click the ‘Lock’ button on the top right of the screen (2.3).

Click ‘Next’ on the bottom of the page to see the next 20 pages and repeat the process as necessary (2.4).

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