WikiScholars - Login Errors and Invitations

A brief History:

In 2014 the Wikischolars 'login' procedure was updated.  Prior to the update there were three login options (OpenID, Shibboleth/UNI, and Local).  The update brought us down to two login options, UNI or Local.  Accounts that previously used OpenID to login, were migrated to either UNI (Columbia University UNI Login) or Local (Local Wikischolars Login).   Some of the users that were migrated to Local accounts, are actually affiliated with Columbia and have UNIs.  When those individuals try to login to Wikischolars, using the UNI (Columbia University UNI Login) option, they often get an error message because there UNI (which becomes their username) or the email address is already being used by their existing Local account.  This is the first major hurdle.  The only way to solve this is for the users to contact WikiHelp (, so that we can convert their accounts to use the correct/preferred login method.

If you are receiving the following error message:

The second major hurdle is around how users are invited or added to the specific wiki.  The most common way this is done, is for one of the wiki organizers to INVITE users to the wiki.  This is done through the 'Invite People' tool (Top right corner of the content pane of the wiki's 'member page').  With this tool, generally, the inviter (wiki organizer) will enter the invitee's email address, as the mechanism for inviting someone to access the wiki.  This is where the problem comes in.  Often, the email address that the inviter enters is NOT the same email address as the invitee has registered in the wikischolars system.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way around this (other than asking users for their correct username/email address - which they often don't know).

If you are experiencing difficulty inviting new users to your wiki, or accepting an invitation to a wiki:

This leads to two other options for allowing users to gain access to the wiki: using a Join Code or the User Creator tool.  The Join Code is likely the best option.
  • The Join Code:  The idea behind this, is that you setup a 'Join Code'.  You then send the Join Code to all invitees, along with the wiki URL.  It does not matter if the email goes to the exact same address as they have listed in their wikischolars profile.  For more information on creating a Join Code for Wikischolars, please see this article.
  • User Creator (advanced tool):   This option allows a wiki organizer to 'manually ADD' users directly to the wiki.   Directions for using the User Creator can be found, in the Wiki -> Settings -> User Creator
    • For this tool to work well, you will again have to know the invitees actual username.  This is not a trivial step to overlook.  

We highly recommend using The Join Code method for adding participants to your WikiScholars site.  Please see this article for detailed instructions for creating a Join Code and this article for instructions you can share with your students/participants on how to use a Join Code.

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