Can students upload files into Files and Resources (so everyone can see them)?

There are a couple of ways to exchange files with students privately (via the “Dropbox” or “Assignments” tools, for example), but in some cases it’s useful to allow students to see their peers’ work. In cases like this, you’ll need to create a “public” folder and ensure that the permissions are set such that students can create new files within the folder.

When you Create a new folder in a CourseWorks site, the permissions are automatically restricted so that only instructors and TAs can add (a.k.a. “write” files) into the folder.

First, to create a folder, select “Create Folders” from the “Add” menu.

Edit the permissions of the new folder. Select “Edit Folder Permissions” from the “Actions” menu.

Set the permissions so that the “Student” role has the ability to create “new” files

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