What is the best way to get content from Microsoft Word into CourseWorks?

When copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word documents you may experience some odd formatting problems. This is because when you are pasting text from a MS Word document you are also pasting in HTML code that doesn’t conform well with most web text editors, like CourseWorks.

Steps to copying and pasting a MS Word document in CourseWorks: 

1. Open the Word document, go to the Edit menu and click "select all" or just the amount of text you wish to copy and paste into CourseWorks.

2. Open up the CourseWorks course page that you wish to add copied content into. 

3. Navigate to the editor in the appropriate page and click on the "Paste from Word" icon located in the top formatting palette as shown screen shot below. 

4. A pop up "Paste" window will appear in which you will paste your copied content from MS Word into as shown in screen shot below.

Note: Using this technique, you will strip most of the formatting out of the MS Word-formatted text. This will dramatically simplify future editing within CourseWorks (since there will be less confounding code in the background). However, the page will not appear exactly as it does in Word.

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