How do I add users (TAs, Students etc) to my course?

To add users to your course:
Look to the left to your Course Navigation and click on People.

2.  TClick the Add People button.

Add People

3.  Type in UNI (only the UNI is necessary)

In the address field, type or paste the list of users UNI's to add to the course. Names are not required although they are shown in the email address examples.

4.  Add User Details

In the Role drop-down menu [1], assign the user(s) a role for the course based on available course roles.

In the Section drop-down menu [2], assign the user(s) a section in the course.

If you want to limit the user(s) to only interact with other users in their section, click the Can interact... checkbox [3].

Click the Next button [4].

Note: If you are submitting multiple email addresses at the same time, all email addresses inherit the same role and section.

Updated: August 7th, 2016; CTL

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