Can I download my student's assignments and grade them?

How do I bulk download Assignment submissions in Canvas?

Bulk downloading assignments will take all the submissions and create a ZIP file that you can download and grade on your computer. If a student has resubmitted an assignment, only the most recent submission will be included in the ZIP file.

Bulk downloads can be used for the following submission types: file uploads, text entries (displayed as HTML files), website URLs (displayed as HTML files), and Google Docs submissions.

You can also download assignments in SpeedGrader.

Note: If you want to bulk upload assignment submissions, you cannot change the names of the submission files. Otherwise Canvas will not be able to recognize the files that should be replaced.

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Assignment Menu

Hover over the assignment title and click the drop-down menu.

Download Submissions

To download all the assignment submissions as a .zip file, click the Download Submissions link.

View Progress

View the progress of the file compression by tracking the progress bar.

Download File

To download the assignment submission files, click the Click here to download [file size] link.

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