How can I grade multiple CourseWorks' assignments on my desktop?

When you create an assignment, which students complete via the Assignments tool, there is a useful option that will all the instructor to download all the assignments into a zip file. This file will include a list of student-named folders, the students’ submissions, and files that the instructor can modify to provide feedback. The entire package can be re-uploaded into the system and your feedback is immediately available to the students.

To download the assignment, visit the Assignments tool and click the “Grade” link adjacent to the assignment you wish to evaluate. At the top of the Submissions page is a link to “Download All” assignments. Click this link to download the zip file of assignment content. Navigate the folders to find each student’s submission and use the “comments.txt” file to provide feedback. To enter in the grade for the student, look for the file that says "grades.csv". Enter in the grade for the assignment in the column that says "grade" and save the file as is.

All of the feedback work can be done without an internet connection. After you’ve completed your evaluations, you must then zip the file. Then go to your Assignments page in CourseWorks and to the assignment you just graded. Click on “Upload All” option to upload your work. (Extensive documentation about how to achieve this is housed in the “Upload All” page within CourseWorks).

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